Franchise Application

Who is Otorapor?

Otorapor makes inspection and test with tools and prepare detailed car inspection report. Otorapor is the first professional, unbiased, independent, reliable and full equipped car inspections center in Turkey.

What is car inspection?

Car inspection is examining and checking car from A to Z with technic equipments by authorized masters. At the end of inspection process, inspection report is prepared and presented to customers. Inspection report also includes technician’s comments about car.

Which parts of car are inspected?

These test are completed in full comprehensive expertixe;
-Body/Paint Check
-Engine Test
-Mechanic Test
-OBD/Brain Test
-Brakes/Suspensions/Shock Absorbers Check
-Interior and Exterior Equipments Check
-DYNO Test
-Test Lane

Why Car Inspection?

Otorapor protects customers from all tricks So customers who considering buy/sell car will have chances to know these;
-Don’t paying for car above it’s real value.
-Reaching reliable information about car’s damage, accident and fault.
-Having a used hand car that fully inspected.
-Noticing car’s traffic and tax debts.
-Knowing original and changed parts of car.
-Having information about car even you are accommodate different city.
-Having experience that as you are at home and inspection experience that Otorapor assumes buying car for itself.

Why Should I Invest for Otorapor?

Otorapor is the founder of car inspection industry in Turkey. We have been service for above 15 years. All services is presented with latest technology and wide franchise hub. Car inspectors, masters and technicians are trained in Otorapor Academy Center. The candidates who completed training program successfully are certificated with professional car inspection certificate.

Otorapor’s Support for Franchisee

-Feasibility and location process
-Settlement plan preparation
-Technic support during construction

-ERP system, vehicle data pool and query system
-Mobile Inspection Software education
-Latest technologies and integrations for franchisee

-Google Ads campaigns
-Social Media campaigns
-Radio and TV commercials
-Other digital platforms campaigns

-Machine Trainings
-ERP & Inspection Training
-Customer Relations

Starter Pack
-Advertisement Products

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